Fish otoliths from the Korytnica Clays (Middle Miocene; Holy Cross Mountains, Central• Poland)

Teresa Śmigielska


ABSTRACT: The assemblage of the fish otoliths from the Middle Miocene (Badenian) Korytnica Clays exposed on the southern slopes of the Holy Cross Mts, Central Poland, comprises 43 species belonging to 33 genera. Five species are new, viz.: Hyporhamphus baluki sp. n., Physiculus fitchi sp. n., Trachurus? formosus sp. n., Parequula crenata sp. n., and Thalassophryne korytnicensis sp. n. Of this assemblage, 31 species have as yet been unknown from the Korytnica basin, and 28 species from Poland. An ecological analysis of fish families and genera that lived in the Korytnica basin is also presented, and its bearing upon the recognition of environmental conditions is discussed.

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