Interpretacja geologiczna zdjęć satelitarnych obszaru między Koszalinem i Nysą

Paweł Karnkowski


Geological interpretation of satellite images of the area between Koszalin and Nysa (W Poland)

Several linear structures have been distinguished (Fig. 1) on the basis of analysis of a satellite image of Central Europe. After some generalisation they were plotted on the map of Poland (Fig. 2). Interpretation of satellite images to scale 1: 1000000 has been done for the area of western Poland where the Koszalin-Nysa line runs (Figs. 2, 2d). Analysing the trend of the Koszalin-Nysa line (zone) a supposition has been put forth that the bend of the coastal line near Koszalin and rapid ·changes of the courses of the rivers Noteć, Warta and Odra reflect the existence of that line (zone). Distribution of weak epicentres of earthquakes (Fig. 4) and disturbances in the regional pattern of heat flow (Fig. 5), gravity field (Fig. 6) and magnetic field (Fig. 7) point to the association with the Koszalin-Nysa zone. Geological examples (Figs 8-12) point to activity of that zone at least since Upper Palaeozoic till the Tertiary. Geomorphological, geophysical and geologic examples are presented suggesting that a lineament exists along the Koszalin-Nysa zone. Full confirmation of that thesis can be obtained after completing detailed studies.

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