Conodont stratigraphy of the Uppermost Devonian and Lower Carboniferous rocks m the Racławka and Szklarka valleys west of Cracow

Aleksandra Gromczakiewicz-Łomnicka


In the Uppermost Devonian and Lower Carboniferous Limestones in the Racławka and SzkIarka Valleys west of Cracow the following conodont zones were found: Middle or Upper costatus Zone, Prothognatus kockeli-Siphonodella sulcata Zone, Siphonodella-Pseudopolygnathus triangularis inaequalis Zone, Siphonodella- Pseudopolygnathus triangularis triangulus Zone, Siphonodella crenulata Zone, Polygnathus communis carinus Zone, Gnathodus semiglaber Zone, Cavusgnathus-Apathognathus Zone.

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