Late-Glacial diatom phases in western Pomerania

Barbara Marciniak


Succession of diatom phases in Late-Glacial lacustrine deposits at Niechorze, western Pomerania, Poland, permits recognition of two main stages in development of the basin. The early stage (Oldest Dryas, Belling, and the beginning of Older Dryas) is distinctive in discontinuities in diatom distribution resulting from sedimentary disturbances, and in poorly preserved and species-poor diatom assemblages dominated by Fragilaria pinnata. Diatoms were very abundant at the late stage (the decline of Older Drays, Allerød, and Younger Dryas) and their ubiquity indicates an increased stability in the pattern of limnie sedimentation. At the late stage of basin development, the diatom assemblage was dominated by Fragilaria construens var. venter and F. brevistriata, but the contribution of Synedra spp. and Melosira italica was increasing towards the end of Younger Dryas.

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