Organogenic deposits of the Mazovian Interglacial (Mindel II /Riss I) in the middle Vistula basin, compared to coeval European localities

Leszek Lindner


Deposits representative of two climatic optima of· the, Mazovian Interglacial, (Mindel II/Riss I) occur in post-glacial paleolakes (Ferdynandów, Podgórze) and paleovalleys (Syrniki) in the middle Vistula basin. As judged after their paleogeomorphologic and lithostratigraphic analysis, the lower optimum of the Mazovian Interglacial can be correlated with the lower part (Lh1) of the Likhvin Interglacial, and the upper optimum with the Holstein Interglacial. Younger organogenic deposits, underlying the till of the Odranian Glaciation (Riss l), are attributed to the anaglacial part of that glaciation.

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