New data on the Middle Cambrian trilobites and stratigraphy in the Holy Cross Mts

Stanisław Orłowski


The new collection of the Middle Cambrian trilobites from the Holy Cross Mountains, central Poland, is the basis for a revision of all previously recognized species of the area. For a few species either a supplementary description or a new taxonomical assignation is presented. Six species are established as new: Comluella opatowi sp. n., Comluella usarzowi sp. n., Paradoxides socius sp.n., Kootenia enigmatica sp. n., Solenopleura minima sp. n., and Solenopleura trapezoides sp. n. A new biostratigraphic zone is· proposed, viz. the Solenopleura canalicuIata Zone instead of the Barren Zone.

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