Lower Cambrian and its trilobites in the Holy Cross Mts

Stanisław Orłowski


The new collection of the Lower Cambrian trilobites allows to revise the whole trilobite fauna from the Holy Cross Mountains, Central Poland. For a few species either a supplementary description or a new taxonomical assignation is presented. The following genera and species are described as new: Postfallotaspis spinatus gen. et sp. n., Ellatius integer gen. et sp. n., Schmidtiellus nodosus sp. n., Strenuella zbelutkae sp. n., Comluella oratrix sp. n., Comluella igrzycznae sp. n., Ellipsocephalus simplex sp. n., Micmacca (Acanthomicmacca) klimontowi sp. n., Strenuaeva trifida sp. n., Protolenus (Protolenus) expectans sp. n., Protolenus (Latoucheia) glabellosus sp. n., and Serrodiscus primarius sp. n.

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