Sedimentary salt megabreccias exposed in the•Wieliczka mine, Fore-Carpathian Depression

Krystyna Kolasa, Andrzej Ślączka


Resedimentation processes played an important role in the development of the WieIiczka salt deposits, Fore-Carpathian Depression in Poland. The upper part of the Stratified Salt Member is represented by redeposited sandstones, conglomerates and pebbly mudstones composed of salt fragments and, in the southern part, also of fragments of the Miocenc clays and Carpathian flysch-rocks. All these deposits build up several submarine fans thinning northwardly, of the Carpathians. The Salt Breccia Member overlying the stratified salts is thought to have resulted from mass movements of marly-clay sediments with oIisthoIites of salt, Carpathian flysch, and Miocene rocks. Sedimentary origin of these deposits is evidenced by the presence of sedimentary structures in the stratified saIts, the character of the contact between the Stratified SaIt and the Salt Breccia Members, and the structure of the saIt breccias.

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