Crabs from the Oxfordian sponge megafacies of Poland

J. S. H. Collins, Andrzej Wierzbowski


From the sponge deposits of the Oxfordian strata exposed in Poland, four new species of crabs are described: Nodoprosopon circinatum COLLINS, sp. n., N. echinorum COLLINS, sp. n., N. ordinatum COLLINS, sp. n., Coelopus etalloni COLLINS, Sp. n. Five other species: Nodoprosopon spinosum (von MEYER), Pithonoton aequilatum (von MEYER), P. insigne (von MEYER), P. serratum (BEURLEN) and Laeviprosopon laeve (von MEYER) are recorded from these deposits for the first time; of these species the stratigraphic range of P. aequilatum and P. insigne has been extended. Additiorial locality and zonal recordings are made for Nodoprosopon heydeni (von MEYER), but the previous record for N. torosum (von MEYER) remains unchanged.

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