Mid-Cretaceous events at the marginal part of the Central European Basin (Annopol-on-Vistula section, Central Poland)

Ireneusz Walaszczyk


The nature of the mid-Cretaceous events in the Albian - Lower Turonian sequence exposed at Annopol-on-Vistula (Central Poland) is discussed. At least four of the five distinguished here discontinuities are shown to be correlable with the equivalent phenomena in other Polish sections and with commonly recognized events. So, being earlier referred to the activity of local uplifting movements of the Annopol Swell, they are interpreted here as the global events record. The activity of the Annopol Swell was only a favorable factor for the event expression through the limiting terrigenous influx, and it was also responsible for the condensation phenomena in the intervals between. The bathy-metrical analysis of the foraminifers shows that only one of the events (i.e. the mid-Cenomanian event) unquestionably represents a eustatoevent, while the others are expressions of both bathymetrical and chemical changes in the mid-Cretaceous sea.

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