Conodont biostratigraphy of the Elbingerode Reef Complex, Harz Mountains

Arnold Fuchs


The stratigraphy and development of the Elbingerode Reef Complex (Harz Mountains) are presented in the light of conodont investigations. The Elbingerode Reef Cotmplex, which developed on an isolated submarine volcanic rise within the Rhenish Trough, displays an atoll-like structure of facies pattern. Correlations based upon canodonts indicate the onset of reef growth in the MiddIe varcus Zone and is diachronous termination up to the Upper gigas Zone. The younger, posit-reef sediments ranging up to the anchoralis-latus Zone are recognized as the neptunian dykes and the pockets within the reef carbonates. The termination of reef formation in the Elbingerode Reel Complex is interpreted as result of the increasing subsidence of the sea floor. The conodont distribution within the reef carbonates is restricted to the fore-reef facies, but no clear depth segregation of conodonts is observed. Differentiation of CAI values within the Elbingerode Reef Complex is also discussed.

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