A new, universal method of thin-section - to - sieve transformation of granulometric data

Tadeusz Merta


Using artificial samples the problem of relationship between true grains in three-dimensional samples and apparent grains measured in thin sections has been considered. Distribution of sectioned true grains is more similar to the sieve-distribution of apparent grains. Based on this, a new method of thin-section - sieve conversion of granulometric data has been elaborated, to recognize the distribution of true grains from the distribution of apparent grains. The transformed distribution depicted by cumulative curve allows for the evaluation of the textural parameters, with the values approximately equal to "sieve" parameters obtained by the graphic method. The new method has a universal character, and it may also be used for indurated deposits with various grain sizes. A suggestion of modified manner of measurements of elongated apparent grains in a thin-section is given. For practical use of the newly proposed method the algorithm of procedure leading from the thin-section measurements to the "sieve" textural parameters evaluation is presented.

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