Miocene Scleractinia from the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland; Part 2 - Archaeocoeniina, Astraeina, and Fungiina

Ewa Roniewicz, Jarosław Stolarski


Redescribed is a small fauna of hermatypic corals (Stylophora, Tarbellastraea, Palaeoplesiastraea, Syzygophyllia, Siderastraea, Porites), and an ahermatypic astraeid genus (Stylocora) from the Korytnica Clays (Middle Miocene; Badenian, NN5 and NN6 Zones), developed on the southern slopes of the Holy Cross Mountains, Central Poland. The studied fauna resembles its ecological equivalent from the Upper Clays (Badenian) of the Vienna Basin but it is considerably impoverished taxonomically and some species are represented only by incipient colonies.

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