Miocene Scleractinia from the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland; Part 1 - Caryophylliidae, Flabellidae, Dendrophylliidae, and Micrabaciidae

Jarosław Stolarski


Redescribed is an ahermatypic coral fauna from the Middle Miocene (Badenian) deposits (NN5 and NN6 Zones) exposed in the Korytnica Basin on the southern slopes of the Holy Cross Mountains, Central Poland. The fauna contains 14 species representing 12 genera and subgenera (of 14 species, 6 are new records in the Korytnica Clays). Using data obtained from observations of Recent corals, ecological requirements of the following genera from the Korytnica Clays have been presented: Stephanophyllia, Caryophyllia, Acanthocyathus, Tethocyathus, Paracyathus, Polycyathus, Ceratotrochus, Ceratotrochus (Edwardsotrochus) , Peponocyat!Jus, Flabellum, Balanophyllia and Dendrophyllia. A possibility of redeposition of coral fauna in some localities is discussed. Ahermatypic fauna from some other sites is interpreted as autochthonic, and a deep sublittoral zone is suggested as the life environment of these corals.

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