Natural endocranial casts of the whales Pinocetus polonicus Czyżewska & Ryziewicz, 1976, from the Pińczów Limestones (Middle Miocene; southern slopes of the Holy Cross Mountains, Central Poland)

Teresa Czyżewska


Presented is a description and interpretation of two natural endocranial casts of the Middle Miocene (Badenian) whale Pinocetus polonicus CZYŻEWSKA & RYZIEWICZ, 1976, collected in the Pińczów Limestones (southern slopes of the Holy Cross Mountains, Central  Poland). One isolated specimen represents a young individual, the second is preserved in the skull of an older individual, and only a part of the cast is accessible for comparisons in the occipital region of this skull. Some features of the investigated endocranial casts allow to conclude on the anatomy of the brain and life behavior of the whale, the habitats of which were confined primarily to shallow marine basins.

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