Some gastropods from the Upper Campanian of the Middle Vistula Valley, Central –Poland

Gouda Ismail Abdel-Gawad


Fifty-three gastropod species are recognized in the Upper Campanian strata of the Middle Vistula Valley, Central Poland. The gastropod assemblage comprises 26 genera, belonging to 19 families. The mesogastropods are the major constituent of the assemblage, and are associated with the archaeogastropods, neogastropods, and opisthobranchs. The whole gastropod assemblage reflects influences of the North Temperate Realm. From ecological point of view, herbivores and predators are the most common trophic elements within this assemblage, together with a subordinate occurrence of deposit- and suspension-feeders. Of the taxonomic recognitions, notable is the first finding of the genus Palaeocypraea in the Upper Cretaceous deposits of Poland.

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