Fish otoliths the Middle Miocene (Badenian) deposits of southern Poland

Urszula Radwańska


The otoliths of teleost fishes the Middle Miocene (Badenian) marine deposits (Upper Langhian - Lower Serravalian, 15 MY ago) of southern Poland, studied in the six key sections (Korytnica Basin, Nawodzice, and Rybnica in the Holy Cross Mountains; Łychów area in the Lublin Upland; Bęczyn at the Carpathian margin; Niskowa in the Carpathians), appear to significant components of diversified organic assemblages which may be interpreted in terms the composition and structure particular communities. These communities are indicative of a spectrum facies that ranges from near-shore ones, confirmed either to rocky (Korytnica) or to flat sandy shores (Nawodzice, Niskowa), through the variable offshore facies (Rybnica, Łychów), to those approaching a deep neritic or even bathyal zone (Bęczyn). The systematically accounted forms, totaling over 22,600 specimens, represent 145 taxa distinguishable at their species Ievel, the three of which are viz. Micromesistius arcuatus sp. n., "genus Bythitinarum" wenglinelis sp. n., and  Sciaena rybnicensis sp. n. The richest numerically and most taxonomically assemblage is that of the world-famous Korytnica Basin which contains 105 taxa belonging to 47 families. A comparison with ololiths of the present-day fishes (NOLF'S Collection) allowed to revise a number of taxa of ancient forms, and to recognize the presence of some forms formerly unknown from the fossil state. Of the revised taxa, noticeable is the well-known species "Gadus" vel "Colliolus" friedbergi, established the Polish material by CHAINE & DUVERGIER in 1928, and which revealed to be identical with Trisopterus sculptus (KOKEN, 1891). Moreover, highlighted is the occurrence species indicative of tropical and/or subtropical climatic conditions and of the lndo-Pacific bioprovince affinitties. Of such forms, significant are i.a. rare representatives of the families Chaetodontidae BONAPARTE, 1832, and Scaridae RAFlNESQUE, 1810, which are typical coral-reef dwellers in modem faunas.

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