On the status of Pecten burdigalensis Lamarck var. polonica Pusch, 1837 (Bivalvia: Pectinidae)

Barbara Studencka


The well-known Pleuronectia badensis Fontannes, 1882 (currently classified as Cristatopecten cristatus badense) is declared as a nomen protectum against the older synonym Pecten burdigalensis var. polonica Pusch, 1837 considered a nomen oblitum. It ranges from the early to the late Miocene (Burdigalian–Messinian) of the NE Atlantic and Mediterranean. In the Central Paratethys it appeared in the early Miocene (Karpatian, correlating with the latest Burdigalian) and became extinct in the middle Miocene (Late Badenian, correlating with the early Serravallian). In Poland – the northernmost part of Central Paratethys – the occurrence of this taxon is limited to the late Early Badenian (late Langhian).


Pectinidae; Taxonomy; Badenian (middle Miocene); Central Paratethys; Pusch Collection

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