4_Stratigraphically significant, sporadic Early Cretaceous ammonites in Butkov Quarry (Central Western Carpathians, Slovakia)

Zdeněk Vašíček


Butkov Quarry provides the best exposed stratigraphic sequence of marly limestones with Early Cretaceous ammonites in the Manín Nappe of the Central Western Carpathians. The presented paper deals with the sporadically occurring zonal ammonites, or ammonites of guiding character, from the Lower Valanginian to Upper Hauterivian. Sixteen species are taxonomically elaborated here in detail. More attention is given to the basic taxonomy of the Subfamily Crioceratitinae Gill, 1871. The species described here, like most of the previously published species from Butkov Quarry, are representatives of the Mediterranean bioprovince and are close to the ammonite association from the Vocontian Basin.


Early Cretaceous; ammonites; taxonomy; stratigraphy; Manín Nappe; Carpathians

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