4_On some Upper Cretaceous ammonites from western Uzbekistan

David J. Ward, Chris King, Noel J. Morris, William James Kennedy


Upper Cretaceous ammonites are described from six horizons in the mammal-bearing terrigenous-clastic sequences of western Uzbekistan, as follows: Upper Cenomanian, with Placenticeras sp. juv. cf. cumminsi Cragin, 1893 and Metoicoceras geslinianum (d’Orbigny, 1850); Lower Turonian with Tragodesmoceras cf. mauryae Kennedy and Wright, 1981, Placenticeras kharesmense (Lahusen, 1884), Watinoceras coloradoense (Henderson, 1908), Watinoceras amudariense (Arkhangelsky, 1916b), Metasigaloceras rusticum (J. Sowerby, 1823), Morrowites wingi (Morrow, 1935), Sciponoceras cf. bohemicum bohemicum (Fritsch, 1872), and Yezoites amudariensis (Arkhangelsky, 1916b); Middle Turonian with Collignoniceras woollgari woollgari (Mantell, 1822); Upper Turonian with Lewesiceras mantelli (Wright and Wright, 1951) and Placenticeras crassum Ilyin, 2020; a single Placenticeras semiornatum (d’Orbigny, 1850) from around the Coniacian/Santonian boundary, and Santonian Placenticeras polyopsis (Dujardin, 1837).


Ammonites; Upper Cretaceous; western Uzbekistan

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