Evaluation of compressibility of glacial till contaminated with hydrocarbons on the basis of CRL tests results

Piotr Stajszczak


The article presents the results of CRL research on glacial till contaminated with JET A1 aviation fuel and mineral oil 15W40. The conducted research has shown that the compressibility of fine grained soils contaminated with hydrocarbons during a constant rate of loading tests depends on the physical properties of the soil, properties of oil contaminants, their content in the soil pores as well as the adopted loading velocity. The implemented laboratory test program shows that the contamination of glacial till with hydrocarbons increases their compressibility. Moreover, this research shows that the CRL test method may be recommended in the compressibility research of fine grained soils contaminated with hydrocarbons.


CRL test; Soil compressibility; Hydrocarbons; Glacial till

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