4_The ammonite genera Dipoloceras, Diplasioceras, Euspectroceras, and Rhytidoceras from the Upper Albian of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

William James Kennedy, Herbert Christian Klinger


The lower Upper Albian ammonite genus Dipoloceras Hyatt, 1900 (subfamily Mojsisovicsiinae Hyatt, 1903) is represented in KwaZulu-Natal by the type species, D. cristatum (Brongniart, 1822), marker species for the base of the Upper Albian Substage. Rhytidoceras van Hoepen, 1931 (of which Drepanoceras van Hoepen, 1931, non Stein 1878 and Ricnoceras van Hoepen, 1941, are synonyms), previously regarded as subgenera of Dipoloceras, are afforded generic status as are its supposed synonyms Diplasioceras van Hoepen, 1946a, and Euspectroceras van Hoepen, 1946a. The type species of these genera are revised, and assigned to the subfamily Pervinquierinae Spath, 1926.


Lower Cretaceous; Albian; Ammonites; KwaZulu-Natal; South Africa

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