Hydrothermal alteration of chevkinite: insights from natural rocks and experiments

Ray Macdonald, Bogusław Bagiński


The contributions of the members of the Department of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrology, University of Warsaw, to the study of the chevkinite-group of minerals (CGM) are described. The range of research topics includes:
(i) geochemical and mineralogical studies of natural occurrences of the group, and attempts to relate their chemical composition to host lithology; (ii) detailed analysis of the hydrothermal alteration of CGM in various settings, with the aim of understanding element redistribution and the potential implications for ore formation. An ongoing series of high P-T experiments is providing quantitative information on the pressures, temperatures and melt water conditions under which the alteration assemblages have formed. Various spectroscopic techniques are being used to determine the structure of the CGM and to identify cation distribution in the structures.


Chevkinite group minerals; Compositional variations; REE mobility; Hydrothermal alteration experiments; Structural studies

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