Bashkirian Rugosa (Anthozoa) from the Donets Basin (Ukraine). Part 11. The Family Pentaphyllidae Schindewolf, 1942 and considerations on the Suborder Tachylasmatina Fedorowski, 1973

Jerzy Fedorowski


Inconsistency in the approach to the corals included by different authors in the families Tachylasmatidae Grabau, 1928 and Pentaphyllidae Schindewolf, 1942 are discussed in the context of their relationship vs homeomorphy to the Family Plerophyllidae Koker, 1924. Following Schindewolf (1942), the pentaphylloid or cryptophylloid early ontogeny, typical of the former two families, is contrasted with the zaphrentoid ontogeny typical of the latter family. Comprehensive analysis proves the independent taxonomic position of the Suborder Tachylasmatina Fedorowski, 1973. The taxa described herein support this idea. The relationship of the two families: Tachylasmatidae and Pentaphyllidae within the framework of this suborder are suggested. A new genus left in open nomenclature (represented by a single specimen) and three new species, Pentaphyllum sp. nov. 1, ?Pentaphyllum sp. nov. 2 and Gen. et sp. nov. 1 are described from lower Bashkirian deposits.


Anthozoa (Rugosa); validity of Suborder Tachylasmatina; Lower Bashkirian (Carboniferous); Ukraine

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