Taxonomic revision of the Paradoxididae Hawle and Corda, 1847 from the Miaolingian (Cambrian) of the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland: a morphometric approach to simply deformed trilobites

Jakub Nowicki, Anna Żylińska


The taxonomy of simply deformed paradoxidids from the Miaolingian (Cambrian) of Słowiec Hill, Holy Cross Mountains, Poland, is revised based on morphometric analysis. The material represents two species: Acadoparadoxides slowiecensis (Czarnocki in Orłowski, 1965) and Hydrocephalus? polonicus (Czarnocki in Orłowski, 1965). A new assemblage zone based on the combined although not precisely known ranges of these two taxa is suggested replacing the previous Paradoxides polonicus Zone of Orłowski (1975, 1988, 1992a). The Acadoparadoxides slowiecensis–Hydrocephalus? polonicus Assemblage Zone corresponds to the middle
and upper part of the Wuliuan Stage (lower Miaolingian).


Paradoxididae; Miaolingian; Cambrian; Holy Cross Mountains; Geometric morphometry; Simple deformation; Słowiec Hill.

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