On imperfectly known Hauterivian representatives of the families Holcodiscidae Spath, 1923 and Barremitidae Breskovski, 1977 in Butkov Quarry (Central Western Carpathians, Slovakia)

Zdeněk Vašíček, Jaap Klein


In Butkov Quarry, ammonites of the families Holcodiscidae Spath, 1923 and Barremitidae Breskovski, 1977 occur in the pelagic Lower Cretaceous pelagic deposits of the Manín Unit. This contribution discusses the taxonomy of both families and presents their distribution in the layered sequences of the quarry. The genus Spitidiscus Kilian, 1910 classified as a member of the Superfamily Perisphinctoidea Steinmann in Steinmann and Döderlein, 1890 is an important representative of the Holcodiscidae from a stratigraphic point of view. In areas where the zonal index Acanthodiscus radiatus (Bruguière, 1789) does not occur, as in Butkov Quarry, the first representatives of Spitidiscus indicate the base of the Hauterivian. The genus Plesiospitidiscus Breistroffer, 1947 was long regarded as a member of the Superfamily Desmoceratoidea Zittel, 1895. This superfamily was based on its type species, Eodesmoceras celestini (Pictet and Campiche, 1860), which is not Valanginian in age, as now clearly proven. As a consequence, this superfamily is considered invalid. Vermeulen and Lahondère (2011) proposed an alternative by selecting a suitable initial genus, namely Plesiospitidiscus, for the Family Barremitidae, Superfamily Barremitoidea Breskovski, 1977 (nom. transl. Vermeulen and Lahondère, 2011).


Early Cretaceous; ammonites; taxonomy; stratigraphy; Manín Unit; Carpathians

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