Middle Devonian thelodont Australolepis sp. (Thelodonti) from the Skały Formation, Holy Cross Mountains, Poland

Susan Turner, Michael Ginter


Sparse fish microremains have been found in marine limestones from the Middle Devonian (Givetian) Skały Formation (Sitka Coral-Crinoid Limestone Member and Sierżawy Member), Świętomarz–Śniadka section, Bodzentyn Syncline, Łysogóry Region, northern Holy Cross Mountains, associated with conodonts of the hemiansatus to ansatus zones. Thelodont scales referred here to Australolepis sp. cf. A. seddoni come from near Śniadka village, from samples dated as hemiansatus to rhenanus/varcus zones. This increases the known range for the genus from its original find in Western Australia. The presence of a thelodont in the late Middle Devonian in Poland extends the known distribution of turiniids around the peri-Gondwana shorelines of Palaeotethys.


Vertebrate palaeontology; Taxonomy; Biostratigraphy; Thelodonti; Turiniidae; Givetian; Northern Gondwana; Poland

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