Debate on skeletal elements of the Triassic conodont Cornudina Hirschmann

Ali Murat Kılıç, Pablo Plasencia, Fuat Önder


The long-ranging Early to Middle Triassic coniform conodont form-genus Cornudina Hirschmann occurs  abundantly in the Anisian of NW Turkey, Northern Tethys. Although suggested to represent the P1 element of an apparatus of the Order Ozarkodinida Dzik, questions concerning the apparatus of Cornudina remain. A description of the probable phylogenetic trends in the P1 elements of Cornudina is attempted and the role of the form-genera Ketinella Gedik and Kamuellerella Gedik, as the alternative ramiform skeletal elements in the Cornudina multi-element apparatus, is investigated. The newly described, Gedikella quadrata gen. nov., sp. nov., is an S element, Kamuellerella rectangularis sp. nov., is either an S3 or an S4 element, and Ketinella goermueshi sp. nov., is an M element.


Cornudina; Apparatus; Multielement; Conodont; Triassic; Kocaeli Peninsula

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