Application of malacological analysis in local and regional palaeoenvironmental reconstructions – a study from the Holocene of Łapsze Niżne (Podhale, southern Poland)

Witold Paweł Alexandrowicz, Marcin Szymanek, Eliza Rybska


This malacological analysis was conducted at a site with peat and calcareous tufas in Łapsze Niżne, Podhale (southern Poland). The study was carried out in 6 main and several complementary sections, in which 37 mollusc species were recognized represented by almost 11 000 specimens. The study enabled the reconstruction of environmental changes during the accumulation of the Holocene deposits (from the Boreal Phase till present). Conclusions drawn from these reconstructions were compared with results of malacological and palynological studies from other sites in Podhale. As a result, regional environmental reconstructions for the Holocene of the area were made. The specific composition, ecological structure and succession of molluscan assemblages from Łapsze Niżne indicate a significant role for local factors, thus demonstrating the variability of environmental conditions within a geographic region.


Calcareous tufa; Peat; Molluscs; Environment; Holocene; Podhale; Southern Poland

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