Upper Turonian and Coniacian ammonite stratigraphy of Westphalia, NW-Germany

Ulrich Kaplan, William J Kennedy


The Upper Turonian and Coniacian ammonite stratigraphy of the Münster Basin, Westphalia, is described in the context of the regional litho-, event-, and inoceramid stratigraphy. The Upper Turonian is divided into a Subpronocyclus neptuni Zone below and a Prionocyclus germari Zone above. In the Coniacian, successive zones of: (1) Forresteria petrocoriensis, (2) Peroniceras (Peroniceras) tridorsatum, (3) Gauthiericeras margae, (4) Paratexanites serratomarginatus, and (5) the lower part of the Texanites texanus Zone of authors are recognised. Integration of ammonite and inoceramid zones shows a discrepancy between current ammonite zonation and inoceramid-based definitions of the base of the Coniacian stage and substages proposed at the 1995 Brussels Meeting of the Subcommission on Cretaceous Stratography. The correlation of the Westphalian Upper Turonian and Coniacian with that of other regions is discussed.


Turonian; Coniacian; ammonite zonation; inoceramid zonation; Chornostratigraphy

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