Early Bashkirian Rugosa (Anthozoa) from the Donets Basin (Ukraine). Part 5. The Family Bothrophyllidae Fomichev, 1953

Jerzy Fedorowski


Four genera (one new, one questionable), seven named species (five new) and five taxa left in open nomenclature are described from uppermost Serpukhovian (Limestone D5 3) to middle Bashkirian (Limestone G1 1) strata. A new genus: Nina and the new species: Bothrophyllum kalmyussi, B. gorbachevensis, Nina donetsiana, N. dibimitaria and N. magna are introduced. The genus Cystilophophyllum Fomichev, 1953 is redefined and transferred to the Family Bothrophyllidae. Three general topics discussed in the Considerations are: 1. The taxonomic value of the microstructure of the septa and the necessity for a distinction between that character and diagenetic alterations; 2. Depositional conditions, under which the rugose coral skeletons were deposited; 3. The similarity of skeletal constructions vs. relationships in some taxa of the Subfamily Dibunophyllinae Wang, 1950 and the Family Bothrophyllidae Fomichev, 1953. The lack of final conclusions in the matter of the relationships is due to the incompleteness and restricted number of specimens studied herein and the incomplete investigations of a great majority of the earlier described bothrophyllid taxa.


Late Mississippian; Early Pennsylvanian; Bothrophyllidae; Taxonomy; Microstructure vs. diagenesis; Relationships vs. similarity

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