Stress-strain behaviour analysis of Middle Polish glacial tills from Warsaw (Poland) based on the interpretation of advanced field and laboratory tests

Anna Bąkowska, Paweł Dobak, Ireneusz Gawriuczenkow, Kamil Kielbasiński, Tomasz Szczepański, Jerzy Trzciński, Emilia Wójcik, Piotr Zawrzykraj


The selected parameters of the Wartanian and Odranian tills, with relation to their spatial occurrence, grain size distribution, mineralogical composition, matric suction and other physical characteristics, are presented. The assessment of the lithogenesis and stress history on the microstructure is attempted. The comparison of the compression and permeability characteristics from field and laboratory tests has been performed. Laboratory consolidation tests carried out with up to 20MPa vertical stress, revealed two yield stress values, one in the range of a couple hundreds kPa, the other in the range of a couple thousands kPa. Based on those results, the reliability of the soil preconsolidation assessment, with the use of the two different methods is discussed. The aspect of the triaxial strength reduction under the dynamic loading of diverse frequency and amplitude is raised. The research results depict a variety of possible geological-engineering characteristics, under the divergent constraints scenarios, of compression or strength weakening origin. The effects of the specialized research program will widen the possibilities of physio-mechanical and structural characterization of soils for geological-engineering purposes.


Glacial tills; Warsaw; Compressibility; Strength; Advanced tests

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