Eocene flora and trace fossils from the Hruby Regiel section in the Tatra Mountains (Poland): Taxonomic revision of the Wiktor Kuźniar fossil plant collection

Grzegorz Worobiec, Renata Jach, Elżbieta Machaniec, Alfred Uchman, Elżbieta Worobiec


Latest Eocene plant macrofossils and trace fossils collected a century ago by Wiktor Kuźniar are revised and their stratigraphical and palaeoecological meaning is re-considered. They derive from marine limestones and marls cropping out on the northern slope of the Hruby Regiel mountain in the Western Tatra Mountains. Leaves belonging to the families Fagaceae and Lauraceae and fruits of the palm Nypa are recognized. The co-occurrence of the planktonic foraminifer taxa Chiloguembelina cf. gracillima and Globigerinatheca cf. index and fruits of Nypa suggests a latest Eocene age of the fossil flora. The plant assemblage is typical of paratropical or subtropical evergreen forests in a warm and humid subtropical climate, recent counterparts of which occur in southeast Asia. The presence of Nypa is characteristic of mangroves. The good state of preservation of the leaves suggests coastline proximity during sedimentation of the plant-bearing deposits.


Fossil leaves; Fossil fruits; Trace fossils; Foraminifera; Biostratigraphy; Palaeoecology; Palaeoclimate; Late Eocene; Western Carpathians

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