The extraterrestrial matter falls in west-central Poland (Great Poland Lowland); historical and geological data.

Wojciech T.J. Stankowski


Direct and indirect evidence of falls of extraterrestrial matter in west-central Poland (Great Poland Lowland) is proved historically and environmentally. The chronological list of such events has historical (documents, medieval paintings, newspaper reports), geological and morphological documentation. The most important are the environmental sites of Morasko/Oborniki, Przełazy and Jankowo Dolne, where metallic meteorites were recognized. These meteorite falls represent a series of cosmic events: the Morasko fall was c. 5000 years BP, the Przełazy fall was c. 10000 years BP, and the age of the Jankowo Dolne fall is not fully documented.


Meteorite chronology; Great Poland Lowland

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