Turonian (Upper Cretaceous) inoceramid bivalves of the genus Mytiloides from the Sredna Gora Mountains, north-western Bulgaria

Docho Dochev


The inoceramid bivalves of the genus Mytiloides, from the Turonian (Upper Cretaceous) of the Sredna Gora Mts (north-western Bulgaria), are studied. The material comes from three sections: Izvor, Filipovtsi, and Vrabchov dol. Eight species are described taxonomically, with one left in open nomenclature: M. cf. mytiloides (Mantell, 1822), M. mytiloidiformis (Tröger, 1967), M. incertus (Jimbo, 1894), M. scupini (Heinz, 1930), M. herbichi (Atabekian, 1969), M. striatoconcentricus (Gümbel, 1868), M. labiatoidiformis (Tröger, 1967) and M. carpathicus (Simionescu, 1899). Mytiloides incertus and Mytiloides scupini are index species for the eponymous Upper Turonian inoceramid biozones.


Turonian; Inoceramid bivalves; Taxonomy; Mytiloides; Biostratigraphy

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