Upper Devonian deposits at Górno in the Holy Cross Mts

Krzysztof Małkowski


The lithology of the Upper Devionian carobonate deposits of the environs of Górno, along with their conodont stratigraphy ga.e a basis recognition of the sedimentation and paleogeography·of the region within the Upper Devonian basin of the Holy Cross Mts. The tectonic gaps recognized between the Givetian and Frasnian as well as between the Devonian and Carboniferous deposits, led to the corrections in the regional tectonics. Three species of conodonts viz. Polygnathus ancyrognathoideus Ziegler, Schmidtognatnus aff. pietzneri Ziegler and Spathognathodus sannemanni treptus Ziegler so far unknown from the Devonian of the Holly Cross Mts. have been described.

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