Ecology of the Devonian charophyte algae from the Holy Cross Mts

Grzegorz Racki, Maria Racka


Mass occurrence of the charophyte algae in the Devonian of the Holy Cross Mts was for the first time recorded. Charophyte species Karpinskya oscolensis has been found in the Middle to Upper Devonian boundary beds of the Gałęzice syncline. The associated echinoderm-spiculitic microfacies, distributional pattern and taphonomic data point to the autochthonous nature of the fossil assemblage. The very diversified biota of the charophyte-bearing level are to be interpreted as a reIict of a unique community of the charophyte meadows related to generally open marine habitat. The non-actualistic, open marine character of the genus Karpinskya is emphasized.

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