Rugose coral Cyathophyllum diffusum sp. n. from the Frasnian deposits of the Holy Cross Mts

Tomasz Wrzołek


The rugose coral Cyathophyllum diffusum sp. n. from the Upper Frasnian marly limestones of the Holy Cross Mts, Central Poland, is described. The new species has got dispersed trabeculae in the peripheral parts of septa. Distally convex blisters, i.e. the intraseptal dissepiments, connect the dispersed tabeculae of a septum. Another type of intraseptal dissepiments is demonstrated in the species Iowaphyllum mutabile Tsien, 1977, from the Frasnian limestones of the same region; in this species intraseptal dissepiments disrupt continuity of trabeculae and are the particular type of lonsdaleoid dissepiments.·

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