A reassessment of the Pennsylvanian lycophyte cone Triplosporite Brown

Barry A Thomas, Jiri Bek


The type collection of the lycopsid cone species Triplosporite brownii Unger was re-examined to assess its in situ spores. The cones are monosporangiate with only microspores that possess both cingulum and zona. They equate to the dispersed miospore genus Lycospora and would be identified as Lycospora cf. pseudoannulata. Therefore, the genus Triplosporite Brown is shown to be a junior synonym to Lepidostrobus and a species emendation is given. A comparison is given with the other Lepidostrobus cones which yielded similar in situ microspores of the Lycospora pellucida Group.


Lepidostrobus; Lycospora; in situ spores; Triplosporite; Cones; Carboniferous

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