First record of Libycoceras ismaelis (ZITTEL, 1885) (Cretaceous Ammonoidea) in Europe (Campanian of the Santander area, Cantabria, northern Spain)

Frank Wiese, Johann Brüning, Armin Otto


The species Libycoceras ismaelis (ZITTEL) is described for the first time from Europe from the Lower Campanian (Scaphites hippocrepis Zone) of Arnia, Cantabria (Spain). In the context of Campanian paleogeography, it is also the first record of the genus in high latitudes of the northern hemisphere (around 30° N), all other records being from either the southern hemisphere or close to the paleo-equator. The biostratigraphic data show this specimen to be possibly the earliest accurately dated evidence of the genus Libycoceras HYATT, 1900.

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