Arthropod trackways, “Diplichnites” triassicus (LINCK, 1943), from the Lower Triassic (Buntsandstein) fluvial deposits of the Holy Cross Mts, Central Poland

Marcin Machalski, Katarzyna Machalska


Arthropod trackways of possibly notostracan origin, determined as “Diplichnitestriassicus (LINCK, 1943), are described from the Buntsandstein (Lower Triassic) fluvial deposits exposed at Stryczowice on the north-eastern margin of the Holy Cross Mountains, Central Poland. These trackways form an almost monotypic ichnocoenose preserved on the sole surfaces of sandstone beds, interpreted as crevasse-splay deposits. In contrast to other “Diplichnitestriassicus ichnocoenoses, the trackways have been left by animals moving generally down-current.

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