Biostratigraphic correlation of the Middle Oxfordian sediments in the Iberian Chain, eastern Spain

Guillermo Meléndez, Blanca Fontana


Recent studies on Middle Oxfordian ammonite successions in southern Europe, Submediterranean province, based mainly on perisphinctids have led to the elaboration of a detailed biostratigraphic scheme for the Transversarium and Bifurcatus Zones. A correlation scheme is presented for the eastern part of the Iberian Chain (eastern Spain) on the base of representatives of the family Perisphinctidae, which is intended to serve as a basis for the setting of a standard zonal scheme for the Tethyan Oxfordian, one of the main items in the current work of the Oxfordian Working Group. In the Iberian Chain the Middle Oxfordian is widely represented under sponge limestone facies. With few exceptions, carbonate sedimentation in the whole studied area starts, as a rule, at the middle part of the Transversarium Zone (Luciaeformis Subzone). Several new biohorizons, widely recognized at a basin scale, are tentatively proposed, to refine the zonal scheme which is characterized now by: the Iberica horizon at the middle part of the Schilli Subzone, the Jelskii and Wartae horizons within the Rotoides Subzone, and the Grossouvrei, Bifurcatus and Ariniensis horizons within the Grossouvrei Subzone.


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