O odkryciu facji graptolitowej w dolnym ordowiku Gór Świętokrzyskich

Jan Czarnocki


The discovery of the Graptolite facies within the Lower Ordovician in the Święty Krzyż (Holy Cross) Mts.

The locality Brzeziny in the southern part of the Święty Krzyż Mts. (Chęciny range near Kielce) has . been investigated by Gürich. He gave us information about its Ordovician in his paper published in 1889(1). His observations were based on materials collected during search for iron ore carried out in Brzeziny. Besides a brief hint as to two Obolus species and some doubts as to whether the discovered forms belonged to the Lower Ordovician, Gürich gave, however, no other details which would define more precisely the place of their occurrence nor any information as to the relation of the Ordovician to other formations in the Brzeziny neighbourhood. I have defined again the location of the Ordovician in Brzeziny during the mapping of that area in 1925. It is marked on the map, sheet Kielce, in the scale 1:100.000. According to these data the Ordovician is situated in the NE part of Brzeziny village at a place called Ścięginy within the core of the Chęciny anticline which is built up from the Lower Cambrian formations (olive coloured shales with thin intercalations of greywackes and quarzites).

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