Złoto rodzime i minerały towarzyszące w żyle kruszcowej pod Szczawnicą

Jan Wojciechowski


Native gold and associated ore minerals of the mineral vein near Szczawnica

A description is given of preliminary results. obtained by the author in his investigation of a mineral vein from the old stope in the mount Jarmuta near Szczawnica (Pieniny Mts. in southern Poland). The stope investigated is 72 meters long. At its entrance a sedimentary rock appears, farther on there·are metamorphic rocks and andesite. On all extent of the stope a mineral vein passes, a thickness of which does not overpass 3-4 cm. The vein consists of limonite in which galena crystals are visible. The material of the vein was segregated by means of "panning" and heavy liquids. The microanalytic methods were used for determination of minerals present in grains smaller than 1 mm diameter. This work of the author is a continuation of prof. S. Małkowski's previous researches concerning this vein carried out in 1918. The results of the author's investigation in which considerable quantities (1 kg) of the vein material have been used are as follows: beside limonite, galena, pyrite, pyrrhotite, quartz, apatite, gypsum, calcite stated by St. Małkowski, 14 minerals were found, namely the native metals: gold, silver, copper, mercury, and lead (the last to verify), and also chalcopyrite, bornite, covellite, malachite, azurite, cerussite, arsenopyrite, sphalerite, and magnetite. The chemical analysis of four samples taken from four different places in the stope confirms the presence of gold. The amount of Au oscillates between 0,00005 and 0,0003%. One of these samples contains silver and copper: AgO,003, Cu 0,16%.

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