Oznaczenie dolno-mioceńskiego pnia drzewa z Turowa nad Nysą Łużycką

Pal Greguss


Identification of a lower Miocene wood from coal-mine at Turów (Poland)

In November 1952, two small samples of fossil wood from Turów on the Lusatian Neisse, Poland, were sent to. the author for xylotomic identification by Prof. H. Czeczott, Head of the Palaeobotanical Laboratory of the Muzeum of the Earth in Warsaw. One of these belonged to a tree trunk about 3 m. in diameter, while the other one probably came from the root of the same tree. Both samples of a purplish-brown colour, were about 5-6 cm. long and' 0.5 cm. wide. Their state of preservation was satisfactory enough for the investigation of cross sections. It could be ascertained by the macroscopic examination alone that the samples in question were of coniferous wood. Further investigation undoubtedly referred the fossil wood in question to some species of Sequoia not definitely identified, as yet.

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