Koralowce okolic Sochaczewa z warstw z Crania tuberculata

Maria Różkowska


Some corals from the Crania tuberculata zone in the vicinity of Sochaczew near Warsaw

Descriptions are given of some Corals from the Crania tuberculata zone in Boryszew near Sochaczew, Poland. New species: Deltocyathus staszici, Caryophyllia kongieli, Parasmilia helenae and Eupsammia pożaryskii are established. Caryophyllia calcitrapa (v. Koenen), afforded here in many specimens, is identified. The presence of this species characteristic of the Montian of Copenhagen, together with the coral genera Deltocyathus and Eupsammia, suggests the coral fauna from Boryszew to be referable to the Montian. Some ecologic remarks on behalf of the life conditions of Boryszew corals, their dwarfness and specific monotony are added.

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