Tropy• gadów permskich z Wambierzyc (Dolny Śląsk)

Teresa Czyżewska


Reptile trackways from the Permian of Wambierzyce in Lower Silesia

The material used makes pad of a collection of reptilan footprints from the Lower Permian horizons around Wambierzyce near Kłodzko in Polish Lower Silesia, in possession off the Institute od: Palaeozoology of the Wrocław University. In 1908·the major part of these footprints had been described by W. Pabst (29).* Those described in the present paper are: Ichniotherium sp., Herpetichnium ungulatum albendorfense (Pabst), Gampsodactylum albendorfense (Pabst) , G. albendorfense minor (Pabst), G. albendorfense gracilis (Pabst), Ichnium pachydactylum minus albendarfense Pabst. The footprints of G. albendorfense are those accorded the most detailed description, its trackway pattern,  external appearance and hypothetic systematic position having been determined, referring it to the order Pelycosauria and to a form close to the genera of Haptodus or Datheosaurus. Gampsodactylum albendorfense minor and G. albendorfense gracilis, dffering in respect to some less significant features, have been determined as footprints made also by Pelycosauria. Ichniotherium sp. from Wambierzyce, a form so far undescribed from Lower Silesia, is distinguished by its smaller size as compared to forms of I. cottae Pohlig recorded from Thüringen. I. pachydactylum minus was a small reptile of primaeval structure belonging to the order Therapsida.

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