Petrografia tufitów z antykliny Bóbrki w Karpatach Jasielskich

Włodzimierz Parachoniak


Tuffites from the Bóbrka anticline in the Carpathians

This paper is concerned with tuffites from one of the deep drilling bores (K-21) in the southern limb of the Bóbrka anticline. They were discovered by A. Tokarski and J. Kruczek in the form of two intercalations within a series of the first variegated Eocene shales whose age has been established as Ypresian or Lower Lutetian. A petrographic description is here given by the author, together with rational analytical data (table I). Fragments of vitreous glass (pI. XLI, fig. 2) detected in powder preparations of this rock are diagnostic in genesis determination. On results of petrographic research studies the writer refers the here considered rock to strongly bentonitisited tuffite derived from magma similar to diorite magma. Genetically the writer associates these tuffites with Palaeogene volcanic centres in the Inner Carpathians within the Matra (Slovakia) and Bükk Mts. (Hungary) regions.

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