Dwudzielność młodoplejstoceńskich poziomów żwirowych w Karpatach

Ewa Stupnicka, Andrzej Szumański


Bipartition of young Pleistocene gravel terraces in the Polish Carpathians

Field studies carried out during 1955 within the areas of the Cieszyn (Teschin) Uplands and the Podhale Region have revealed the presence of fossil organogenic deposits in young Pleistocene gravel terraces of the Carpathian streams. These deposits are occasionally up to several metres in thickness. In the described profiles the organogenic horizons are interbedded between two layers of gravel On evidence of palaeobotanical analyses made in the case of two of the profiles the presence has been ascertained of pollen of coniferous and deciduous trees at the base of the deposits, while pollen of conifers only has been discovered in the top layers.

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