Interglacjały Suwalszczyzny i terenów sąsiednich

Zofia Borówko-Dłużakowa, Bronisław Halicki


Interglacial sections of the Suwałki region and of the adjacent territory

The present paper consists of three parts: 1. the geological by Halicki, 2. the palaeobotanical by Borówko-Dłużakowa and 3. stratigraphical remarks by Hallicki. Part 1 is linked with Halicki's paper of 1951 and contains descriptions of geological profiles showing outcrops of interglacial sediments at Szwajcaria near the town of Suwałki, at Janiańce and Nieciosy on the Niemen, and at Kmity on the Wilia River. The text has been supplemented by figs. 3-6 illustrating the stratigraphy of the described Quaternary deposits and the position of organogenic interglacial sediments. Fig. 3 contains a legend applicable to all the described profiles, while fig. 1 shows the position of localities mentioned in the text.

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